We made it!

As you doubtless know by now, we made, and more than made, our goal of $100,000 - in fact, thanks to all of you we made a grand total of $109,563.

Thank you all so, so much!  I can't quite put into words what I feel right now - overjoyed, overwhelmed, over..... over the moon, if you'll forgive the cliché.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

You'll have had our final Kickstarter update by now, and know that we'll be leaving the game free-to-play for a week or so while we get our databases up and running, but soon - probably in the New Year - we'll be asking you all to register and after that, if you weren't able to back us on Kickstarter, we'll be asking for a contribution towards our stretch goals before we let you in!  We'll also be letting the rest of you know how you can help - if only by playing our game and sending your feedback (we will, I hope, have an improved prototype before very long; meanwhile, thank you for sticking with the rather rocky one we have just now!).  But maybe some of you will feel able to help us meet our stretch goals and make the game the absolute best it can be, or perhaps you have skills you could volunteer?

But that's all in the future!  Let's relax and enjoy the end-of-year festivities together.  And yes, there WILL be parties!  Watch this space...