The online role-playing game set in the world of Jane Austen

Please click on the "Click here for Download" link below.  When you reach the Dropbox page, please click on the folder marked "Release 1", and download the appropriate file for your Mac or PC. Your computer should have the appropriate software installed to unzip it; if not there are many freeware and shareware programs available to do just that.  Unzip the package, and save it to your desktop, or wherever you prefer to save such things.

Once it has unzipped, click on "EverJane.exe" in the list of files and the game screen will open.  Enter your preferred username and password (it will flash red if someone else already uses it) and you will be taken to the character select screen.  If it hangs when you have selected the character's name, this may be because it is already in use, so select another name and try again.4

Before you play, please click on "known bugs" in the Forums part of this site - I will try to keep this list updated.  Some things are going to have to wait while we build the full game – the first stage will be a more stable prototype – but we can fix minor issues “on the fly”, as it were.

We'd really appreciate some feedback from you about the game so far, particularly if you come across any bugs.  We've set up some discussion forums - again, please click the link on our web page - and we'd be most grateful if you would come there and tell us, not only if anything's wrong, but what you love about the game, what you hate, what you'd like to see happening, and so on.  The more you can tell us at this stage, the better the finished game will be.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy playing the game as much as we do, enough to help us meet our first stretch goal – to hire another programmer. There is a Paypal button on the front page of this site.


Click here for download