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Ever, Jane - Open Beta Release Notes, Update 3 - December 9, 2016

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Sarah Good day dear friends! Our third update of Open Beta is ready for download. As always, we welcome your feedback on any changes or additions. Our big addition in this update is Home Ownership.

The previous game client will no longer be able to login. Your existing account will login normally to the new version of the game. Get the newest version of the game client from our website:
(We’re continuing to add a Linux client but at this time do not have the hardware for testing it. Linux users, give us any feedback you have about this version of the client.)

Please keep a backup of your previous game client folder. Currently, any in-game letters you have sent or received are stored locally on your computer. Your Journal of acquaintances is stored in our database and will be preserved with your character between updates. Please see this article in the Knowledge Base regarding transferring your in-game letters between game updates:

Ever, Jane Home Ownership Screenshot

What’s included in this update:

  • Home Ownership: We’re ready to show you our first version of Home Ownership in the village of Tyrehampton! For now, you can claim any unoccupied “terraced house” as your own. It is important to note we currently intend to reset home ownership before our official launch. You will, of course, still own any furnishings purchased during Open Beta. Please email us or comment on the forums if you have any feedback regarding this decision.

    • You are strongly encouraged to look at this thread summary before finding a home to claim. Awaiting Home Ownership, our clever player community has been honoring each other’s claims to certain homes and have been building stories around these locations.
    • Join the Story “In want of a House” from the Writing Desk to obtain a housing certificate. Click on the title in your Inventory and follow the instructions to begin the process of claiming a home.
    • You will know which ones are available because the name-plates on the exterior near the front door will have gilt (gold) lettering. An occupied or otherwise unavailable home will have grey lettering on the name plate.
    • The “terraced houses” can be identified by the small, fenced garden in the front of the home. We will be adding additional housing types in future updates.
    • After you claim a home you can redecorate the wall coverings and move the furniture around. If you desire more furnishings, such as a chess table or a privacy screen, you can make additional purchases in the Marketplace. Currently, if you place newly purchased furnishings another character may need to log out and return before they will see all of your new addition(s).
    • It is possible to unown your home with the command /unown used in the home, however unless it is necessary we do not recommend it. You will not be able to re-join the Story to claim another home until after the next server restart. (The server is usually restarted once per day.) Deleting a character will change home ownership on that character’s home from owned to unowned.

  • December Marketplace Additions: We’ve added an initial offering of furniture selections to the Marketplace!
  • Warehouse Button on Action Bar: The “Change Room” button has been replaced with a “Warehouse” button on the Action Bar in the lower right corner. When you are inside of the home you own, you can use this button to retrieve from or send furniture to your Warehouse. (Your Warehouse is special inventory for your furnishings.)

    • Sometimes it may be a few minutes before your in-game Warehouse is updated with your Marketplace purchases. You may press the “Profile button” (your character’s cameo in the upper left corner) to help speed up the delivery. Alternately, you can log out and return if you prefer.

  • Great House on the Estate in progress: We are beginning to rebuild the Great House on the Estate. The changes are still only sketched out in parts and there is a long way to go, but tell us how you like the direction it’s heading in the entry. Some of the construction has made a few areas… *considers* well, watch your step and exercise caution in exploration. (You may fall through a wall or two, but there should be no locations where you find yourself stuck.)
  • Updated Personality Traits/Greeting Window: We’ve updated this window to be a little less cluttered and more straightforward. The buttons you use to greet other players, Nod/Curtsy or Bow/Deep Curtsy or Bow, remain on the top of this window. The plus (+) and minus (-) buttons for selecting your traits have been moved but you will still want to select your trait to boost and the trait to sacrifice when this has been fully implemented in a future update.
  • /ignore and /unignore commands: We encourage you to report details of any disruptive gameplay against our Terms of Service to If you wish to be able to block a player’s chat until Customer Service can address the issue, please use the command “/ignore Player Name” (no quotes, replace with the player’s name). The command is used much the same way as sending a private message to a character with /private Player Name. If you wish to unblock a character’s chat use the command /unignore Player Name.

    Known Issues:

    • Proximity Chat not always visible: This is a tough one for us. We are working on fixing the underlying issue, but it’s very deep and related to our current behind-the-scenes optimizations. Since feedback has been mainly positive for this iteration of the feature we choose to leave this version of the chat in place while we work on getting the fixes ready as quickly as we’re able. Using /shout will allow everyone to see your text, whether or not they are currently being affected by this bug.
    • Mirror Temporarily removed from Marketplace: Due to problems getting the mirror’s reflection we are removing the mirror from the Marketplace. If you purchased this item we have sent you an email notifying you of your PSR refund. The Low Chair has also been removed for now.
    • "Send to Warehouse" removes all furniture of that type from a room: When you remove a piece of furniture from a room, currently, it removes all the pieces of that one type of furniture from that room only. In a future update you will only remove the single piece of furniture you click.
    • House Available after character delete: When you delete a character their owned home will become available again. The plaque will not change to gold for other players online at the time the character was deleted, but will show correctly available after they log out and return.
    • Default home wardrobe clothing changes do not save: There is a wardrobe in the upstairs of your new home that has an “Open” option and appears to change your outfit. The outfit change does not yet save. Please continue using the Dressing Room in Mrs. Hatch’s cottage if you wish to change your clothing.
    • Completed stories coming back: Sometimes your Task List will fill up with Stories you’ve already completed when you transition from one area to another (for example, from Tyrehampton to the Estate). Until we can fix the issue in a future update you can hide the Task List (click the button with the check mark above your character’s name in the upper left corner), complete the Stories again or Quit them from the Writing Desk.
    • “Uneasy feeling” viewing new Estate entry flooring: We’ve found in our own testing that some members of our team feel a bit queasy when looking at the new checkerboard flooring in the Estate entry. We will be increasing the tile size in a future update to address this potential visual issue.
    • Quit Story when on multiple Stories: This button will appear to quit all current Stories, removing them from your Task List. However, on your next login only the Story you chose to end will be removed from the Task List.
    • Quit Story and related objects: Currently when you quit a Story the related objects, such as the handkerchief for “The Lost Handkerchief”, will not go away.
    • Invisibility after Parlor Button: On occasion when using the Parlor button your character will be invisible to others for a short time. You will be able to chat normally, but your character may take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to become visible to others.
    • Estate Carriages: The new carriage locations in the Estate are not visible unless you have also been in the village of Tyrehampton during that play session. Once you enter the Estate from Tyrehampton the carriages at the end of the tunnel of trees and the foot of the main stairs will be visible.
    • Greeting Issue: Deep Bow/Deep Curtsy is not properly adding the targeted character to your Journal acquaintance list (Nod and Bow/Curtsy should add the targeted character as expected)
    • Outdated Cottages in Tyrehampton: There are still some outdated and broken cottages with floating furniture in Tyrehampton. Consider these unfortunate slums, even in our fair village, until future renovations.
    • Mini Map: Map icons are not yet functioning as intended for Story goals
    • Endless Funeral: The funeral for “A Wretched Beginning” is sometimes perpetual
    • Mouse Speed: The mouse look speed is too fast for many players and cannot currently be adjusted
    • UI Clarity: UI clarity is an ongoing process

    We are still working on these and other issues and will include fixes as soon as we can in future game updates. Please continue to report any issues, and also workarounds, when you find them.

    New/Updated Knowledge Base Articles:

    Ever, Jane New Estate Entry Screenshot

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