March Newsletter - March 24, 2017
Good day, dear friends!

Update 4 for our Open Beta is now available. We're excited to add the townhouses and cottages to home ownership, construction on the estate, carriages you can both drive and ride as a passenger as well as the long-awaited ability to ride horses. In addition, we have done work on the story system which will enable us to add additional story content more easily.

Property has been at a premium in Tyrehampton. Even with the addition of townhomes and cottages to the available property list, our small village has a thriving housing market. We ask that you /unown any home you own if you are not actively playing. We will begin sending polite reminders to anyone who owns a home and has not logged in during the last 30 days. Your home will be unowned if you do not login and begin playing within 7 days from this warning.

Transportation is an important part of anyone’s day in the village! With this update, you can use the new “Horse” button on the action bar to summon/dismiss your own horse to ride. New riding outfits have been added to the Marketplace to help you look your best. Take your friends for a ride around the village as barouche carriages can now seat two passengers, in addition to a careful driver. (Exiting a carriage is now performed through pressing the carriage button.)

While still ever constructing his Estate, the Lord of the manor has unveiled the latest changes. Wander through the new layout, race your horse to the new garden folly, and spend your afternoon taking tea in a proper sitting room.

These are the highlights of this latest Open Beta Update and we encourage you to read more details in our forums:

Thank you for your continued feedback and support,
The Ever, Jane Team

Ever, Jane Update 4 Riding Outfits Image

Ever, Jane - Open Beta Release Notes, Update 3.1 – January 6, 2017
Patch for Update 3 is available! Download the new Update 3.1 client for January and be sure to read all the details in the News/ Announcements section of the forums:

December Newsletter - December 9, 2016
Dear Friends,

December’s patch is now out! Slightly later than we’d planned – sorry about that – but we think you’ll like the newest feature – home ownership.

To claim one of the terraced homes for your own, go to the Writing Desk in the Parlour and click on “Stories”. You will see that there is a new one, called “In Want of a House”. Click on the title, and follow the instructions!

When you have your house certificate, go and find an unoccupied terraced home – you will know which ones are available, because they have a small front garden and gilt lettering on their name-plates, whereas the occupied ones have grey. Go in, and click on your certificate to use it.

Once you have your house, you can redecorate it, move the furniture around, buy new furniture (from the Marketplace) and place it as you will, call on your neighbours, and generally have fun. Don’t forget which is your house, though! But if you do, you can click on any house address plaque to see the name of the owner in Chat.

Other than that, we are beginning to rebuild the Great House on the Estate. Do have a wander around and tell us how you like it. It’s still only sketched out in parts – enough, we think, for you to hold a seasonal party there if you wish, but it is by no means finished. Still worth a look, though.

The first thing you’ll probably notice, though, is that we have made changes to the user interface, and it’s a bit less cluttered, we think. But behind the scenes, which you can’t see, we’re about half-way through changes to the game’s infrastructure which should help it run more quickly.

As always, please let us know any bugs you find – even if you aren’t sure they are bugs, but we always like to know. Mail us at

Have fun playing Ever, Jane.

With best wishes and the compliments of the season,
The EverJane development team.

Release Notes are available to view in the forums:

Ever, Jane - Open Beta Release Notes, Update 2 - October 13, 2016
Good day to everyone! Our second update of Open Beta is ready for download. As always, we welcome your feedback on any changes or additions.

The previous game client will no longer be able to login. Your existing account will login normally to the new version of the game. Get the newest version of the game client from our website:
(We have added a Linux client but do not at this time have the hardware for testing it. Linux users, if you’re especially brave, let us know how it works!)

Please keep a backup of your previous game client folder. Currently, any in-game letters you have sent or received are stored locally on your computer. Your Journal of acquaintances is stored in our database and will be preserved with your character between updates. Please see this article in the Knowledge Base regarding transferring your in-game letters between game updates:

New Clothing in Ever, Jane

What’s included in this update:
  • October Special Event: At random times throughout the month of October you may see a special event take place in Mrs. Hatch’s parlor… or wait, did you see it? (Note: Sound is a part of this event.)
  • October Marketplace Additions: We’ve added a range of new selections to the Marketplace. Update your character’s look with a new “Simple White” women’s clothing color choice, soft colors for the Puffed Sleeve with Gloves gown, the “Mourning Coat” and other women’s coat colors, and many elegant color options for the Long Coat Dancing Suit for men!
  • Improved Login/Logout Stability: Characters/Accounts should no longer get stuck and be unable to login until a server restart. If you are unable to log back in: wait for 5 minutes, try again and if you are still unable to login normally contact with your account name to report the issue.
  • Proximity Chat is here! Default chat will no longer be sent to the entire village. You now have options for how far you want your chat to be seen. This is our first implementation of proximity chat so your bug reports and feedback are very important.
    • /say: Default chat is /say. This is the chat type when you don’t put any command in front of your chat text. You can be heard in the approximate area of a strong speaking voice. Players outside of this range will not see your chat.
    • /shout: Use /shout to send a message visible to the entire village or area. For example, /shout Watch out for the carriage!
    • /whisper: Use /whisper to chat only with those very close to you. If a player is on the other side of the room they will not see your message. For example, /whisper Do you know that handsome fellow in the doorway?
    • /private Player Name: This command will send a message directly to another player. For example, /private Sarah Worthwaite ((I can only stay online for another hour.))
      • Note that if you mistype the command “/private” your intended private message will be displayed in regular “say” chat. For example, /privvate Sarah Worthwaite This message will be seen by everyone in the area.
  • Check who’s in the village: See what players are online with /who. Use the /who command in chat to show a list of the players and NPCs currently in the area. (Using the command in Tyrehampton will show players in Tyrehampton but not in the Estate and vice versa.)
  • New Story: Through Primrose Tufts: From a great forum suggestion we have added a new single player story! Take a refreshing walk in the outskirts of Tyrehampton to find special, sparkling flowers. (Start this Story, “Through Primrose Tufts”, from the list in the Writing Desk. Check the new Knowledge Base articles if you’d like hints or a complete walk through.)
  • Show/Hide your hat: If your character originally has a hat or bonnet, use “/hat” in chat to turn your hat on and off. (For now, this command will do nothing if your original character does not have a hat. We will be adding the ability to acquire hats in a future update.)
  • Quit Story: You now have the option to “Quit” any Story through the Writing Desk. After you have joined a Story the Join button will change to Quit. Please try this option if you are having problems with a Story, no longer wish to finish or would like to restart a Story.
  • Overhead Name and Calendar Font: We have changed the fonts for the overhead character name and Calendar text to increase clarity
  • Stories: “The Lost Handkerchief” and “Bo Peep”: These Stories should be working again normally for existing and new characters. (Note: “Sabotage” and “In Want of a Spouse” cannot be completed at this time.)
  • Optimization: Invitations have been transitioned over to a faster, new underlying system. This is the first feature to use this new system. Other features, such as Acquaintances, will also be transitioned over in the next update.
  • Additional Sounds: We are slowly starting to put sounds in the world. In addition to the special event sound, you’ll now hear sheep sounds when nearby the pen
  • Bug: Sitting/Standing: Other players should see you more accurately as standing or sitting, even if they have joined the game after your character. This is also true for wearing or removing your hat.
  • Bug: Dark Men’s Hat: In Character Create, you can now select the dark color for the men’s hats in addition to the light color.
  • Bug: Men’s Loose White Shirt: The male “Pirate” shirt should clip into the legs much less on lower graphics settings
  • Bug: Men’s Medium Hair with a Hat: There should no longer be a hole in the hair near the forehead when wearing the Medium hair with a hat

Known Issues:
  • Completed stories coming back: Sometimes your Task List will fill up with Stories you’ve already completed when you transition from one area to another (for example, from Tyrehampton to the Estate). This sometimes happens just when logging in normally.
    • Until we can fix the issue in a future update you can hide the Task List (click the button with the check mark above your character’s name in the upper left corner), complete the Stories again or Quit them from the Writing Desk.
  • Dressing Room clothing list sometimes incomplete: We are trying to track down and fix an issue that sometimes happens after making many purchases in the Marketplace. If you do not see the list of clothing options that should be available to you, please email with your account name to report that you’re seeing the issue.
  • Quit Story when on multiple Stories: This button will appear to quit all current Stories, removing them from your Task List. However, on your next login only the Story you chose to end will be removed from the Task List.
  • Quit Story and related objects: Currently when you quit a Story the related objects, such as the handkerchief for “The Lost Handkerchief”, will not go away.
  • Invisibility after Parlor Button: On occasion when using the Parlor button your character will be invisible to others for a short time. You will be able to chat normally, but your character may take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to become visible to others.
  • Estate Carriages: The new carriage locations in the Estate are not visible unless you have also been in the village of Tyrehampton during that play session. Once you enter the Estate from Tyrehampton the carriages at the end of the tunnel of trees and the foot of the main stairs will be visible.
  • Greeting Issue: Deep Bow/Deep Curtsy is not properly adding the targeted character to your Journal acquaintance list (Nod and Bow/Curtsy should add the targeted character as expected)
  • Outdated Cottages in Tyrehampton: There are still some outdated and broken cottages in Tyrehampton. Consider these unfortunate slums, even in our fair village, until future renovations.
  • Mini Map: Map icons are not functioning as intended for Story goals
  • Endless Funeral: The funeral for “A Wretched Beginning” is sometimes perpetual
  • Currently non-functioning Stories: “Sabotage Chapter 1” and “In Want of a Spouse” cannot be completed
    • These Stories have been temporarily removed from the list while we work on a fix.
  • Mouse Speed: The mouse look speed is too fast for many players and cannot currently be adjusted
  • Font Clarity: Need increased font clarity throughout the game & ensure all screen resolutions function equally well for things like lists (e.g. Dressing Room Armoire)
We are still working on these and other problems and will include fixes as soon as we can in future game updates. Please continue to report problems, and also workarounds, when you find them. As always, it’s fantastic to see our community helping and encouraging each other.

New/Updated Knowledge Base Articles:
New Clothing in Ever, Jane

Ever, Jane - Open Beta Release Notes, Update 1 - September 14, 2016
Good day to everyone! Let's try this again. *smiles* In response to issues with heavy lag and some of your feedback, we have our first update of Open Beta ready for download. (The previous game client will no longer be able to login. Your existing account will login normally to the new version of the game.) Update your client from our website:

Please keep a backup of your previous game client folder. Currently, any in-game letters you have sent or received are stored locally on your computer. Your Journal of acquaintances is stored in our database and will be preserved with your character between updates. Please see this article in the Knowledge Base regarding transferring your letters between game updates:

What’s included in this update:
  • Bug: Lag (delays): Revised some issues with lag and how characters were logging in (Note: We are continuing to optimize using the data we’re getting from Open beta. This will be ongoing for a while.)
  • Feedback: Changed the player character name color in chat (cyan blue) to help visually separate the text
  • Feedback: New login screen that allows you to choose if your character joins the world in Tyrehampton or the Estate (where you can practice dancing in the ballroom). You will be presented with this option each time you login.
  • Feedback: New Circulating Library and Reading Room as a roleplay setting! His Lordship of the nearby estate has graciously paid the fees for our village to have a Circulating Library. The new construction is ongoing across the green from Mrs. Hatch’s cottage. (This space is currently just a new public space, but we intend to add functionality in the future.)
  • Feedback: Mrs. Hatch has added a simple sign above her door so newcomers can find her more easily
  • Bug: Duplicate characters should no longer stack up in front of Mrs. Hatch’s cottage
  • Bug: You can no longer get stuck in the exterior main staircase outside the Estate
  • Bug: We should no longer run out of sheep for the “Bo Peep” story. The Worthwaite family (Customer Service) also now has additional power over resetting the flock, if the need arises.
  • Bug: Story NPCs can be reset to their correct positions by Customer Service (Mrs. Hatch and Shepherd Brimley)
  • Bug: Greeting Button/Personality Traits window should no longer disappear after decorating or using the Dressing Room
Known Issues:
  • There is still movement in chat after leaving the Dressing Room
    • Current Workaround: Log out and log back in to restore chatting normally. Or, transition to another area (Estate, Oakston, or Template) and return to Tyrehampton.
  • Deep Bow/Deep Curtsy is not properly adding the targeted character to your Journal acquaintance list (Nod and Bow/Curtsy should add the targeted character as expected)
  • Mini Map icons are not functioning as intended for Story goals
  • The funeral for “A Wretched Beginning” is sometimes perpetual
  • “Sabotage Chapter 1” cannot be completed by one of the three players
    • Current Workaround: None available. We’ve made progress but for now you are not able to complete this Story for all three qualifying characters.
  • The mouse look speed is too fast for many players and cannot currently be adjusted
  • Need increased font clarity throughout the game & ensure all screen resolutions function equally well for things like lists
We are still working on these and other problems and will include fixes as soon as we can in future game updates. Please continue to report problems, and also workarounds, when you find them. It’s fantastic to see our community helping and encouraging each other.
New Circulating Library in Ever, Jane

First Open Beta Update Delayed, Lessons Learned (9/8/2016)
*blushes* So, our first update for Open Beta didn’t exactly go as planned. We had an update that looked good in our QA testing but after moving it over and testing on the live servers we encountered some new, unexpected bugs based on how players play the game rather than how our team plays the game. We were working through the night to get everything resolved, but the fix had cascading error effects.

In the future if an update encounters major, unexpected issues we will immediately roll back to the current version and not have extended downtime. Our goal is to get the servers back up within an hour.

If we hit a major glitch as we did last night, we will pull the patch, fix the bug that blocked us, and then rather than trying to push it out, put the patch back into a full QA cycle. We will be doing that with the current patch.

Our revised goal is to launch sometime next week (9/12/2016 to 9/16/2016) and we will keep everyone updated as we know more. We are immensely proud of our growing community and lucky to have such creative, kind and clever players. We can’t thank you enough for being a part of the process of making this game.

First Open Beta update coming soon! (9/6/2016)
Dear friends of Ever, Jane! Testing is still underway, however we intend to release our first updated client of Open Beta tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday, 9/7/2016, Mountain Standard Time - NOW POSTPONED). This update will include some important fixes for lag, in addition to other changes from your feedback. We are continuing to work on additional fixes of important issues and implementing more feedback for our second update.

Please keep a backup of your previous game client folder. Currently, any in-game letters you have sent or received are stored locally on your computer. Your Journal of acquaintances is stored in our database and will be preserved with your character between updates. Please see this article in the Knowledge Base regarding transferring your letters between game updates:

Ever, Jane - Open Beta Release Notes - August 25, 2016
Ever, Jane - Open Beta Release Notes - August 25, 2016
Welcome to our Open Beta! After reviewing our Newsletter be sure and check the forums at for the latest information. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to your feedback as we continue growing and polishing the game.

If you are not an existing player, please create a new Open Beta account:

New Support Email and Knowledge Base
Contact our Customer Support if you need further assistance or would like to give us your feedback: You may also use the “Click here for help” support request button on the lower right corner of our website. Question about the game? Problem with a Story? Peruse our new Knowledge Base:

Updated Village of Tyrehampton
The look and layout of the village of Tyrehampton has been updated! It’s somewhat less sprawling. You’ll find new trees and foliage, more organic terrain, and some new buildings. We would appreciate your visual and performance feedback. This will help us moving forward in making additional towns and villages.

Ever, Jane Marketplace (beta)
We would like to test our first implementation of the Marketplace. Currently your selection is limited to additional clothing options, however we will eventually expand to furniture, accessories, etc. For Open Beta we are giving all accounts a stipend of 111 Pounds Sterling Regency (PSR), our game currency. Clothing outfits and pieces range in price from 10 to 500 PSR. If you find yourself wanting the Beta Only outfits or more options than the stipend provides (and also wish to continue supporting development of Ever, Jane) coin purses are available for purchase through PayPal. Both “Undress” and “Full Dress” options are available at

Change Clothing in the Dressing Room
The Dressing Room is a feature that allows you to view and change your current clothing. Any clothing items you purchased in the Marketplace will be available in the Dressing Room. You are able to customize your Dressing Room’s wallpaper and adding and moving furniture will be available soon.

Access your Dressing Room by using the first door accessible up the main staircase in Mrs. Hatch’s cottage. To access your clothing options left click on the armoire and select Open. The bottom center window will change to a list of available options. See this article in our new Knowledge Base for more information:

Drive a Carriage around town
We have our first implementation of drivable carriages, the barouche! You will currently find carriages available to you in front of Mrs. Hatch’s cottage and at the end of the road on the side of the church. Press the Carriage button on the Action Bar to whistle for a carriage to either of these locations. (Look for the horse icon on the mini map.) If you are not accustomed to video games the carriages might prove a bit of a challenge. Read more about carriages in this Knowledge Base article:

New Clothing and Character Options
There are now four types of bonnets for women available in Character Create. Additional eye color choices are available for female characters, coming soon for males as well. Male characters have additional choices for hair color. We have new formal or “Full Dress” clothing options for men and women, available through the Marketplace.

Walk with a Lively Step
The default walking speed has been increased. We however encourage the use of a carriage when traveling long distances or in between towns.

A Rough Start for the Village of Oakston
We’ve blocked out a possible new village named Oakston and, along with Template village, are using it for testing the transition between areas. There’s nothing much to do there at the moment but it does help us to see if any issues are uncovered when players move between areas of the game.

Still Hard at Work on Many Additional Stories
All four current Stories have been transitioned over to our new, in-progress Story Builder tool. We’ll be using this in-game tool ourselves to create lots of new Stories, including a new Story just added, “In Want of a Spouse”.

When we’re happy with the tool’s functionality and stability, we intend to open it up to a dedicated group of players for feedback. If we can meet the community’s concerns and requests for adding player generated Stories to Ever, Jane we would love to expand this story crafting tool to our players.

Much work yet to come!
Our small but fierce team is continuing to work hard on the game. We know we have much to polish and add before launch, but we’re making progress every day towards the game you deserve. Please see our latest Development Roadmap for an idea of what we’re working on now and what’s coming:

Known Issues
  • The Stories don't always behave their best when logging off and back on during the Story. For now, until we are able to fix the underlying issue, this is best avoided if it can be helped.
  • We are aware of a data bottleneck that's preventing multi-player Stories, like Sabotage, from sometimes being able to be completed. We are working on this issue now.
  • At times a player will be invisible to others, but just for a few moments. If you are patient your corporeal form will re-appear.
  • Newly worn outfits aren't always displaying correctly as seen by other players. (Players who have transitioned between locations will see you correctly.) If you log out and return to the game then you will be shown correctly.
  • Male hair may have problems transitioning back and forth from the military outfit. Your hair will display but may not be the correct color.
Please report any bugs or problems to or on the forums.

Server Downtime
In preparation for our Open Beta release, we will be switching the production servers to use the new database schema. The servers should be down for about 2 hours this afternoon (Wednesday 13 July, Mountain Time).

Ever, Jane: April Closed Beta, Second Update (4/20/2016)
We have an update to our latest Closed Beta release!

  • The Funeral (A Wretched Beginning) and Concert (Sabotage Chapter 1) now start and stop correctly
  • You are again able to create your own multiplayer Story if you do not wish to start a Story already in progress
You will need to download the updated client for PC or Mac (link here) to continue playing. We apologize for the inconvenience! We’re continuing to work hard to fix problems found during this Closed Beta while adding and improving to all the features of the game.

Ever, Jane: April Closed Beta Update (4/6/2016)
Hello friends of Ever, Jane and welcome to our latest Closed Beta game update! We have been working hard to continue making improvements and adding features for this long overdue update. And while we still have much to do we’re excited for the changes we can give you now. (Please download the updated client from the link on the main page, as usual.)

Added ability to transfer between villages (servers)
Our additional village is a small placeholder for now, but this added technology gives us the ability to make more villages with different layouts and Stories. In the not too distant future you can expect stories that will take you to new locations and pay a visit to friends in other towns. To help us test this new feature please use the placeholder “teleport sphere” in Mrs. Hatch’s parlor. The sphere on the right will take you to a new village. The sphere on the left will take you to the Estate Ballroom.
KNOWN ISSUE: When teleporting to the ballroom, we wanted you to see the splendor of the panoramic view before dropping into the ballroom itself. (Okay, that's a lie - it's a bug, but it's such a pretty bug!)

Updated Dancing mini-game, additional Estate Ballroom and front garden artwork
Speaking of the Estate Ballroom, please use our placeholder teleport sphere and try the updated Dancing mini-game in the Estate Ballroom. You must now press the “DANCE” button on the button action bar to start the dance. (The fonts and art have not yet been finalized for this new feature.) While the Estate is still undergoing renovations you may now wander much more safely and visit the gardens at the front of the Estate.

Game database now hosted by Symas
Our partners at Symas Corporation will begin hosting our database starting with this update. They are Open LDAP experts who can more fully support us with improved stability, replication, and backups while also helping us optimize our database access.

Character Clothing Improvements
We have a ton of new, improved options for female dresses including many new color and pattern choices. Please consider creating a new character and tell us what you think! For our dashing gentlemen, we have added a range of hair color selections, with the addition of a brighter red “Copper” for both men and women.
KNOWN ISSUE: Existing characters will have a flat grey texture for parts of their outfit that were replaced with new options. This will not otherwise affect your gameplay. Please consider creating a new character. Once the database move is complete, we will be having a character purge so all new characters will have the correct clothing, but we didn’t want to add that to the challenges of changing hosts and adding additional security.

New Character Skeletons and Animations
We have updated our character skeletons to give us more flexibility to make additions and changes moving forward. This change necessitated new animations. Expect more polish on these animations and new options, such as sitting, reading and even fainting coming soon.

Updated Art in Mrs. Hatch’s Cottage and the Terraced House
In preparation for expanding the player housing feature, we have updated the art in Mrs. Hatch’s cottage and the terraced house. You can recognize the terraced house from the fencing and small garden at the front. You should no longer get stuck on the staircases in these homes. The other housing types, such as the townhouse, will be getting revisions in the upcoming updates as well.

New Sky for Tyrehampton and Lighting Updated
While still pleasantly cloudy, Tyrehampton now has a new sky and updated lighting setup. We are still in the process of adjusting the world to accommodate this improvement.

Work continues on Player Housing or the “Doll House” feature
The starting functionality for the Change Room (player housing) button has returned! We will be releasing an updated user interface (UI), more housing types polished and more wallpaper and flooring options in upcoming updates however we wanted to bring this feature back in its current state as soon as possible. You may try it out in any terraced house. (Look for the fenced garden in the front.) Mrs. Hatch is very particular about her decorating and will not allow you to make changes to her home.

Try out our current Stories
We’re continuing to do many behind the scenes improvements to the game and Story system and encourage you to try out the current four Stories. Try out “The Lost Handkerchief” or “Bo Peep” on your own and request the assistance of a friend for “A Wretched Beginning”. You will require the assistance of two other friends… rather, other players for “Sabotage Chapter 1”. Friendship may not survive unrequited love! If at any point you become stuck, are unsure what to do next or would like someone to join you to play through a Story please let us know on the Forums and we’ll gladly assist.
KNOWN ISSUE: If another player is assisting Shepherd Brimley at the exact same time it is likely there will be a shortage of rope. If you find yourself unable to see the rope and pick it up, log out and back in to restart the “Bo Peep” Story and the Shepherd will have replaced the needed rope.
KNOWN ISSUE: We are trying to get more information about a bug that sometimes happens for the third player who joins “Sabotage Chapter 1”. If you join this Story as the third player and experience a problem before the Story chapter completes, please report it on our website Forums.

Our very small team still has much to do however we are proud of the progress we have made for this update. So many improvements and new artwork is in progress and we cannot wait to show you. In the coming months we will be posting a roadmap that shows not only that work left to get us from Open Beta to launch, but also the features we still hope to add once we have launched our Minimum Viable Product.

One of the great joys of an on-line world is how we can continue to grow the game. As always, please either email or post on the forums for any questions, requests, problems or feedback you may have.

New Account Creation Disabled in Preparation for Game Update and Database Hosting Change (4/6/2016)
In preparation for today’s game update and database hosting change, we have temporarily disabled the ability to create a new account. New players will again be able to create new accounts after the game servers are back online this afternoon. We are currently expecting between one and four hours of downtime starting at 2pm MDT today (Wednesday). We will update you if this changes. You may play the game before this downtime, however any progress you make between now and then will not be saved.

We have many good things to share with you in this update! Our update notes will be posted after all of our checks and verifications.

Database Downtime
Please note that our databases will be down for maintenance on Saturday 12 March between 00:00 and 06:00 UTC. What time is that where you are?

Ever, Jane: 2016 Update (1/14/2016)
Happy New Year, Kickstarter friends and kind supporters of Ever, Jane! Welcome to our Launch Year.

Those of you who have been playing our game as it has developed will probably agree that there is still a great deal to do before we can launch. Because of this, we have decided to extend the Closed Beta until we have a game that we can be a bit more proud of. We want to give you more stories to play, more things for your homes, more dances in the ballroom, and so on.

“What is right to be done cannot be done too soon.” – Jane Austen

Continuing Closed Beta
We had hoped to launch Open Beta in January of this year. Closed Beta has been helpful to us in identifying problems with how the game adapts to larger numbers of players and where we need to continue improving the initial game-play for new players (and old ones, too, come to that!).

As a result we will be extending the closed Beta throughout the first quarter of 2016. Those who signed up for their year of game play are welcome to join us in the Closed Beta. Please send an e-mail to and we will set you up with an account. This will not count as part of the year subscription you got as a Kickstarter supporter.

We hope that Ever, Jane can be a first video game for many Jane Austen fans who never previously fancied themselves as gamers. Our small but fierce team is working hard polishing the initial experience with tutorials and stories that build on the game play slowly without overwhelming people who aren't used to this type of game.

Continuous Releases
Just as we have been releasing a new build every 2 months over the course of development, we will be continuing to do so during the Closed Beta, but the releases will be coming out more frequently. The next release will contain a refactor of the Story system, hot pink dancers in a vastly improved estate and the ability to play with home decoration without having to own your home.

Until we are able to add the game client patching feature (automatically updating to the new version), we request that you continue to download a new client after each patch. If you are not part of our newsletter and wish to receive announcements for each release, please be sure and sign up to the newsletter by sending an e-mail to

Beta Events Soon
We plan on starting regular in game events. As we are lucky to have players from all around the world we will work hard to have events for different time zones. If you ever feel excluded, please send your feedback on the forums ( or email ( and we’ll ensure that you can participate as well. These events will be announced in advance on our website, social media and the in game Calendar.

Recent Press
Judy was recently interviewed by This interview contains a fairly detailed description of the state of the game and where we are hoping to take it in the next few month. You might enjoy checking it out at

Thank you and, again, Happy New Year!
We are constantly evaluating where we are, and where we need to be. We really need your feedback to help us in this journey. Please continue to be open and patient with us as you have been. We are in love with where Ever, Jane is going, and we hope you’ll fall in love as well.

The Ever, Jane Development Team


The Closed Beta is here (9/8/2015)
Dear Friends,

The Beta is out! It is, at the moment, a Closed Beta, meaning that it is only available to you, our loyal subscribers, and to those who gave $5.00 to our Kickstarter appeal two years ago. Please download the game here.

So what are you to expect from this game? The fact that it is a Beta version, rather than the full release, does tell you that it isn't yet perfect. We've spent a long time developing and testing the game so far, and we hope we've found all the bugs, but there are always more to find. Particularly, we want to find out what happens when we have many players in the world at once.

Right now we have most of the game features that we will have when we launch, and most of them have been polished to a tolerable degree; however, the artwork isn't quite finished and, as I said, there will almost definitely be bugs we haven't managed to find. We still need to finalise and polish the animations, house customisation and the ballroom. We also plan to add more stories – the ones available now are really tutorials, each one teaching a different aspect of the game.

Those bits that have been polished are setting the standard for the rest of it, and we're going to be putting out new releases on a regular basis throughout this closed Beta period. There will be the occasional moment of heavy lag, when it seems as though your character is walking through treacle – we do apologise for this, and it's one of the things we are trying to address as soon as possible.

We'd really love it if you would play the game, and tell us what you think, and especially tell us if and when you find a bug! You can contact us on or on the (new and improved!) forums.

With best wishes,
The EverJane development team.